Patient Responsibilities

Checking in with your physician

Your physician will prescribe a follow-up schedule of regular visits to check your Cameron Health S-ICD System. During these routine visits, your physician may adjust the settings of the S-ICD System using a wireless programmer.

Be sure to consult your physician on what to do if you receive a shock. While the shock may be uncomfortable and startling, it means that the S-ICD System may have detected a dangerously fast heart rhythm and delivered the defibrillation therapy you needed to restore your heart to a normal rhythm.

Patient ID card

Your physician or nurse will give you a Cameron Health Patient Identity Card (ID card) after the procedure. This ID card lets people know you have a S-ICD System and provides medical device, implant date, and physician information. Be sure to carry your card to alert healthcare professionals and airport security about your device.

If you did not receive an ID card, contact your physician or Cameron Health at:

  • 877-SICD-411 (877 742-3411) in the United States
  • 800-SICD-4-YOU (800-7423-4-968) in Europe
  • 1-949-498-5630 from anywhere in the world

If you plan to travel and don’t have a Patient ID card, click on the image of the card below to print a temporary card, and show other forms of identification to airport security. The card has six languages that help explain that your device may trigger airport security alarms.

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