About the Procedure

About Procedure

If you and your physician have decided on the Cameron Health S-ICD System, here’s what you can expect. Implanting the S-ICD System typically takes about 1 hour. Your physician will give you complete information to help prepare for your procedure and recovery.

  • Depending on your physician and hospital, general or local anesthesia will be administered to make you comfortable during the procedure.
  • Next, a small incision is made on the left side of the chest, next to the rib cage.
  • A pocket or pouch is formed under the skin, where the S-ICD System pulse generator will be placed.
  • Two small incisions will be made slightly to the left of the breastbone to allow the electrode to be placed under the skin.
  • The electrode is then attached to the S-ICD System pulse generator.
  • Using a separate programmer that looks much like a laptop, the S-ICD System will be tested and the settings adjusted to work best for your heart.
  • Finally, the physician will close the incisions to complete the procedure.

Implantation of the S-ICD System

You will probably have questions and concerns about the S-ICD System procedure. Your physician will provide you with all the information you need. Learn some of the common questions that you may want to discuss with your physician.

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