S-ICD Therapy

The design of the Cameron Health S-ICD System represents a major breakthrough in ICD therapy and provides an important new option if you are at risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

Accurate defibrillation therapy

Just as your physician places wires on your chest to monitor your heart during an electrocardiogram or ECG, the S-ICD System similarly monitors your heart with a wire just under the skin. Only the S-ICD System uses this ECG-like signal to monitor your heart for abnormal rhythms that indicate sudden cardiac arrest. The S-ICD system is designed to accurately treat sudden cardiac arrest when you need it, and it may also reduce the likelihood of receiving unnecessary shocks.

Nothing in your heart

The S-ICD System is the only implantable defibrillator that does not require electrical wires in your heart. The S-ICD System is implanted using a completely subcutaneous procedure that leaves the heart and blood vessels untouched and intact. By placing the electrode just under the skin, the S-ICD System eliminates potentially serious short- and long-term risks associated with placing electrical wires inside your heart or blood vessels. When sudden cardiac arrest is detected, the electrode delivers a shock to the heart similar to external defibrillator paddles used by paramedics. Even without directly touching the heart, the shock can reset the heart’s normal rhythm.

Learn about the S-ICD System procedure so you can discuss the procedure with your physician.

Implanted Cameron Health S-ICD System

The S-ICD System is implanted just under your skin and provides protection from sudden cardiac arrest.

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